Credo’s heart lies where our raw ingredients are produced.

At Credo you will experience food cooked from the raw goods grown in the Trøndelag region, fished from the waters surrounding it, and dairy and local speciality products cultivated with a focus on flavors and sustainability.

Credo’s great wish is to take you through a multi-faceted experience of tastes, textures and experiences when you dine with us. We want to show you our gardens, our animals and all that we get from land and sea. We dedicate our time to finding raw ingredients that exemplify the best qualities of the time and place we are in.

Ingredients are our motivation. Why else would we spend 260 kr ($32) per kilogram on butter alone? With proper craftsmanship, our chef’s goal is to give equal attention to our guests as we do to our plates. We believe that each component is crucial - the animals, forests, earth, moon, sea and you, the individual.

At Credo we wish to bring you as close to the tastes, textures and feelings of our food as we possibly can. We can’t wait to introduce you to our farms, food and philosophy by sharing the best of who and what we are with all who visit.