We are experiencing difficulties in the world around the economy, climate, health, and political polarisation. We believe that many of the solutions lie in learning about the food we eat, how it is produced, and how (and with whom!) we eat it. In order to be able to save the world, we believe that sharing knowledge is the solution, and we are passionate about how this knowledge is conveyed and acquired.

Credo Competence Center works to change and diversify knowledge, skills, and attitudes toward the value of the Earth. This is a center for wonder, curiosity, and sensory experiences that create knowledge and develop skills, to gain a healthy attitude that the Earth needs. The project is important for the entire life course and will be relevant regionally, nationally, and internationally.

Why we do it
For us, it's about the people, the place, and the produce from the soil and sea we are surrounded by. Food plays a decisive role in making a sustainable Earth and can contribute to people being able to master their own lives and participate in communities.

After more than 30 years as a chef and food culture ambassador, Heidi Bjerkan has observed a change in the knowledge and understanding that society has to make the right choice for themselves and others. This is what her restaurants have worked with and work with every day, but during the last years, it has been necessary for Heidi to spend more time sharing knowledge about food. Where it comes from, and what it does to us, can be the key to solving the major climate challenges we’re facing. This is why we started Credo Competence Center.

Knowledge is our greatest wealth. Through the Competence Center, we want to expand, share and inspire others to take care of both local and global cultural heritage. In this way, we can preserve essential skills and crafts that will benefit the future of the Earth. This is long-term, pragmatic work about changing people's attitudes by sharing knowledge and showing that it is possible to envision a better food system.

How we do it
With our cooking expertise from the kitchen - and our close and long relationships with industry producers, research, and public affairs, we must act to change. We want to do this in tangible ways by being a competence arena that offers learning activities, courses, seminars, and publications, among other things. The training arena will be in collaboration with partners across sectors to be able to show concrete action for different target audiences.